Why the Design Change? 

Over the years the design of my site has changed several times. Usually on average about once a year or so. This is usually to reflect major changes in my life or simply because I want a change. 


You have removed a lot of content that was on your previous design?

Yes, in the previous version there were pages full of photo's and other lists as well as a sidebar and links. The reason I have gone to a simpler design is I just haven't had the time to update every element and in the end it's about the blog. This site is a space for me to share thoughts feelings and pictures that mean something to me. So I have gone for a much simpler interface that gives me the best chance of keeping things up to date. I have still included a tag cloud at the bottom and a link at the bottom of the page to my archive. The site may again grow but I wanted to keep things simple. This site is also easier to use on mobile devices. So I've tried to cater for changes in the way people read this blog. 


Do you mind hearing from readers?

I love hearing from readers and can be emailed from the contact page or you can leave comments. I also love seeing my posts shared. 


Can I make suggestions?

If there is something you would like to see on my site or you would like to contribute I am always happy to hear from you.