I have a strong belief that in the english language at least words mean different things to different people. What love means to me will be different to what it means to someone else. I think that statement works the same whether we are talking about a professional setting or a personal one. I was interviewing a number of young people recently for a job and the one word that kept coming up was 'maturity'. It got me thinking about what that word means. 

I realised that it means different things to different people, it may even mean something different in a personal or professional sense. For me I started asking myself does a person act in a mature way or are they actually mature. Is it a behaviour or a place in your life. Obviously it can be both to some degree. 

So I asked myself what do I think makes someone truly mature and not just acting maturely? The more I listed all the typical things like respect and honest etc I ended up throwing a lot of the list away and realised in my mind, maturity is when someone comes to a point in their lives where they realise that the world doesn't revolve around them. A place where they realise there is more happiness in putting others first. It's a place where honesty is the only way to live. It's a place where you realise that being selfish doesn't lead to happiness. A place where you are ok with being wrong and happy to really take on board others opinions. 

I could go on but if you get to that point in your life everything else will come. You will be more respectful of others, you will show more compassion, you will be happier. Now to some degree this can come with age and experience but it also may not. I have known some young people who already think this way and I have met some older people who don't. There is no guarantee anyone will ever reach that point unless you open yourself up to being genuine and willing to look at yourself. But for now this is my belief. 

Week in Review

I just wanted to give a quick update. The last week or so has been so busy with work that I have barely had time to reply to emails. Lol, actually it has taken me a while to reply. I need to give some more responsibility to my PA so that he can reply. It's been busy but on the work front it's good busy. Lot's of opportunities and things are taking off. More about that in the future. 

On the home front not much has really changed and it is taking a toll on me but things have been peaceful. There has been no arguments and very little disruption. Although this doesn't help me at least work has been busy so I've had very little time to ponder. 

I know that what I need is more friends so that I can escape things but it will take a bit as I'm much more a solitary person and my experiences of new friends are, well not so great. That's a topic for another day. 

Overall I am doing ok in a minefield. So anyway, there are topics in the news at the moment that I'd like to talk about because as you know I have opinions. So I'll do my best to write something in the next few days. 


I have been noticing a trend as I talk to people. I'm not sure what it is because I just don't understand the delusion. It's a form of impatience and dissatisfaction. Now I admit that I am noticing it more in those under 30 but I am not at all saying that it doesn't happen in an older group I just haven't found it yet. 

It's a form of impatience but at the same time a lack of motivation. Let me give you an example. I have had people tell me about what they would like to achieve. For example they would like to own a home. But when I quiz a little further by asking when they want to achieve this by they say now. "So what are you doing about saving?" I ask and the response is oh I am saving a little but I can't afford to save much. I think to myself oh thats good. Then they walk into a shop and buy something they don't need.  

It's this type of behaviour I find odd. Another case is when someone tells you that they hate there job and won't last much longer. I simply ask, so what will you do. The response is I don't know. So are you studying or looking at things that may interest you I ask. No.  

It's certainly hard for me to articulate these conversations but it's odd that they seem really certain of what they want to achieve but don't seem to take any steps to making it happen. In fact I usually hear comments around how things should just come to them. I am just a little baffled why they seem to think this will work. They genuinely seem to have goals and quite good ones. It just seems they don't actually want to sacrifice now to achieve what they want. I just don't really understand this way of thinking. And where is the common sense. When I hear someone saying they don't want there job so will give it up I quite often say that most people don't love their job, its a way to put money in the bank and live. I think its wonderful if you search for a job that you love after all that would make life a lot easier. But you don't walk away from a job that pays the bills without something to go to or with at least a plan.  

I guess when I hear these comments I just want to slap them up the side of the head and say grow up. I will sometimes say it's great to have goals but they will take time and you will have to sacrifice along the way to achieve them. When I say that it's like I have just destroyed their lives. I am concerned this will lead to generations of people who are never satisfied and never willing to work hard. I hope I am wrong. 

Identity Crisis

My Blog has now been going for several years on a few platforms. With things at the moment being so busy (Don't worry I'm not going anywhere) I have been posting all over the place not only time wise but also topic wise.  

For someone with a background in brand management this is frightening. So I am thinking carefully about what I want this blog to be. How I structure it is yet to be thought through considering that the topics that interest me are so diverse. So there will be some changes coming slowly. They may not be visible but they will slowly happen.  

I realise that successful blogs stick to one topic but that's not what I am looking for. I want a diverse blog that reflects all of me. However I want to make it easier for both you and me to see the topics that most interest us at the time. I will probably just make it easier to see all articles etc for a particular topic. So over time I will work out what and how I will do this and I will hopefully make it a better user experience. 

Some of the topics that I will continue are:- 

  1. Pictures (I love photo's so this will stay)
  2. Technology  
  3. Relationships
  4. Social Welfare & Disability
  5. Business

There will be others but these are the ones that will stick. So stay tuned and we will see what it is this turns in to. If you have any ideas of things you would like to see or hear about from me, then feel free to let me know.  


When Your Job Doesn't Satisfy

Life tends to get on top of us a lot. A few weeks ago Eddie was posting about a large drama at work and on top of the time of year this must be exhausting. Work does take a toll on you. For me at the moment it's full on as well. I actually love the busyness of it all but I have a number of projects running at the moment that are so diverse that they are occupying a lot of my waking moments. I think if I didn't have my own systems of staying organised and up to date down pat I would be having a break down about now. 

The other thing Eddie mentioned recently is that he feels stressed about going to work. I know these feelings can often come from stressful situations at work but there are other reasons that I too have experienced. I find that after an amount of time doing the same thing that the job can get quite mundane. After all the challenge isn't the same. We have become experts at what we do and it's just same shit different day. This can be temporary because if the right project comes along that excites me for example I am reinvigorated. I have worked with the same company now for almost a decade and the only reason I have survived is that the challenges have been constant. Luckily in my industry things never stay the same. 

The other reason we start to really not enjoy our jobs as much is because as we get older our priorities change. We start to realise that work is a job and not our lives. I would hate to go back to a place in my career where my job defined me and I was career orientated. I certainly love my job and work hard but I have got to a point where I find balance. After all I would hate to think I don't give my all to those I love because of my job. After all when I am on my death bed I don't imagine I would be thinking I regret not working longer hours lol. I think if anything I would regret not spending more time with those I love or care about. We are a consumer society and we no longer really work to survive. We work to get things that really don't make us happy. So when we wake up to ourselves and realise what is truly important we don't have to have everything. We don't need the biggest house but just one we love. 

Ambition isn't a bad thing, in fact I see it as a positive motivator. The key is to ensure that the ambition doesn't sacrifice what is truly important. So remember that throughout our lives there comes times that we have to make choices and ensure the balance is there. I currently have a friend who is a highly paid strategist but is truly unhappy. She has realised that happiness is more important and is looking at starting her own little business. This will give her the new challenge and will be able to run it as a family business. 

There are a lot of things in life we have to be mindful of. The main one around our work is that if you are unhappy in your job or just start to feel the mood changing then start the dialogue with people you care about and maybe start thinking about a change.