Every little bit of hope,

Goes runnin' out your door.

You've seen everything you need to see,

And done all you can ever do,

And you just keep on runnin',

Cause there ain't nothing that can ever turn you round again.

Your hopes gone a runnin',

And you breathe a sigh of relief,

Cause you know,

You just know,

Your not gonna be hurt again.

Even if you feel all alone,

And you just wanna give on in,

You keep on runnin',

Knowin' that in time,

Everything's gonna fall back in place again.

Every little bit of hope,

Goes runnin' out your door,

And you sigh,

In your new found freedom,

You're no longer human anymore.

Love Extends


Jarad Higgins.

Love Extends

The hands of sorrow,

Dwell down beneath the sands,

Working hard for freedom,

To spread their villainous wiles.

The hope from above,

Pushes down,

On them,

In the hope to subdue,

For at least a time.

As all this chaos,

Grows and twists and turns,

The heart still knows,

Of it's love to find.

It sees through the labyrinth,

Of hurt and lies,

Of sorrow and hope,

And twisted wiles.

The heart extends,

Its love to one,

And drowns out the world,

In vain vain hope.

Love carries forth,

It's light floods,

The deathly halls,

Of broken hearts,

And empty dreams,

Of lost emotions,

And depressive scenes.

The soft pink glow,

It lives on forever more,

Trying hard to find,

Some sort of chance,

Some sort of vain vain fortune.

And the hands,

They wilter,

And wallow,

And move no more,

And from above,

The hope,

No longer pushes,

Down against.


Love extends,



Enabling a spark of hope,

In a terrible terrible life.

Jarad Higgins


My Philosophy on Love:
“Relationships end all the time; they become friendships, they suffer betrayals, love dies and wilts like a rose, but sometimes it’s so strong it lives forever...If it does die, if it never even begins then I will still be happy that I took that chance...that I gave you the power to break my doesn't matter what happens, and why...what matters is we’re here now, pouring our hearts out to each other...trying to make the other understand...and, right now, this very second, I like you...I look forward to chatting to you every night...I think about you during the day...whatever happens at least we have this moment, this time. We shall see what happens, and whatever does happen, it happens. No regrets.” Jarad Higgins