Analyse me!!!!

I was talking with a friend recently about my feelings on possessiveness. Ok, so Jeremy, John, Vanyel and all of you feel free to analyse me, I'm sure this post could generate some interesting thoughts lol.

To be honest the topic came up as a little bit of a joke because he said he has been possessive in a relationship before. My response to that was that I love it when a partner is possessive. I know that could freak you all out a bit but it's true. I could think of nothing better than to have a possessive husband. Ok, I know that there are different levels or degrees of possessiveness and of course I'm not looking for a complete psycho, but it's somewhat reassuring to have a guy who gets a little jealous once in a while. Ok let me continue.

Now I'll try and explain a little about my thought process on this one. I believe as a society we have been trained to be scared of being a little jealous for fear of being seen as clingy or needy. It's the same with being affectionate or any number of things. So one of the things we discussed was how if you are an affectionate person you are labelled needy, but if you are an affectionate person and don't act on it you are cold or your partner thinks something is wrong.

Where possessiveness is concerned I strongly believe that a little is a good thing. Yes there can be too much but that's the same as anything. So as 'M' and I were talking I realised just how much I appreciate a little possessiveness in a relationship. For me it is just one of those things that reinforce that you are really loved.

Now boys and girls, tear me apart lol.