It's time to Change the World


I have been pondering this topic for as long as I can remember. But moreso lately because I think that we as the human race need to make some seriously big decisions. Society will eventually implode if we don't make some fundamental changes.

You hear a lot more about people wanting to do more for the human race. You hear people saying they want to make their country the best in the world. But without an entire shift this is never going to happen. Ok, you may not be sure where I am going with this but here it is.

Here in Australia for example we see many companies reporting huge profits. In particular Telco’s, Utility providers and Banks. The reason they are after huge profits is not so they can grow, but rather in order to make the company look good for shareholders. The dividend is the most important thing. Just consider for a minute if these companies reduced their profits to enough to grow and continue to provide a service. Then the fee’s, interest rates or prices would be reduced to many. Imagine the improvement in quality of life for a nation.

Why then are there not more companies out there not being greedy? Simple really, we as a society have developed a financial system that is totally based on greed and capitalism. There are many CEO’s out there who would be happy to reduce prices. However because of the financial system we operate under, the focus is on profit and dividends.

I know this all sounds scary because there are a lot of implications but that is why I say that it requires an entire nation or world change. The financial system needs to be abolished. Get rid of the stock exchange, remove the reliance on profits and get back to basics. You may think it can’t work but it can. People generally want to do the right thing. People generally want to see themselves and others flourish.

We are bombarded with bullshit propaganda that common sense will say doesn’t work. For example at the moment in Queensland (and for some time now) there has been a push by the government for people to monitor and make their houses more energy efficient. That propaganda tells you it will help reduce your electricity bill. However this is just ludicrous. Why? Because the people who supply us with electricity are big profit driven companies. So in the short term we will find some benefit financially, but the other side of this is that when this causes the profits to start dropping at the electricity company they will just have to increase prices to be able to show how they are increasing profits each year.

I would love to see a nation just start making the hard decisions and seriously look at the future. However if my own country cannot even see the inequality they nurture towards gays then I'm not sure they will lead the way.

What Inspires Us?


What really inspires you in this world. Is it someone who has become rich and famous? or someone who has a lot of power? To be honest none of that impresses me or inspires me in the least.

Well there are two groups that inspire me, there are individual people and there are companies that inspire me. But in thinking about it the question arises as to why they inspire me! So let’s look at why I’m inspired.

In looking at those that inspire me it is really those that not only do what they say but those that believe what they say. I am really inspired not by what someone does but by why they do it. In many ways whether this is a person or an organisation it is a branding message.

For those of us that are a little nerdy the most obvious example of this is Apple. Look at what they do, in simple terms they are only one of many computer companies in the world. They draw on the same labour market and have the same raw product to work with, yet they are by far a standout inspiration in the tech field. We are not inspired because they make computers or phones or music players. We are inspired because of their message or branding is strong in why they do what they do. They are a company who value innovation and questioning what is possible. It just so happens that in believing what they do it has lead to creating awesome product.

We are inspired not by what they do, because they are just another computer company, but why they do it. Apple has created a culture that means when we think about them we think of how innovative they are because Steve Jobs has inspired his own teams by concentrating on why he does what he does. When you do that you bring  everyone on board.

We as humans are inspired by what people believe, that is why Martin Luther King was so popular. Every sentence started with ‘I Believe’. He engaged people because he believed not because of all his ideas, after all even though there were a lot of good ones some of them were just bad. But he inspired us because he believed. He believed in what he was doing.

I think that is why many of our company leaders fail. Whether it be at the top or the bottom of the corporate ladder, if you hire someone just because they can do the job they will work for their money but hire someone because they can do the job but believe what you believe and you will get someone who will go above and beyond to help you succeed. Passion is what business is about. You can find someone who is passionate about growing a business but if they aren’t passionate about what the business does or believes, you may get short term increases in money but they will destroy the people that are their greatest asset.

We are not inspired by what someone does or achieves. We are inspired by why they do it.

Rules of Attraction


What governs human attraction has a lot of theories out there. I find the topic fascinating! I have noticed that my own history indicates there is no one answer. I can see that one of the elements that attracts me to someone is a personality type. There seems to be similarities in personality types even if I later found out the personality I was attracted to didn’t exist.

However physical attraction is another story. There is no similarities in my past and yet the attraction was there. Then you see a lot of people who are models or what is considered attractive and I really don’t find them appealing. It is really a mystery. Well not entirely. I have my own theory even if it is incomplete.

Obviously there is no simple answer to these questions about attraction. I mean you just have to look around and you can see by the couples that are out there that beauty is different for everyone. What I consider to be gorgeous someone else may not. That’s both physical and emotional not to mention the spiritual. I mean what makes someone physically attractive to us can’t always be explained. Is physical attraction not really physical but a more spiritual thing?

My simplified theory is that attraction operates on a system that consists of a number of points. Let’s for argument say ten different points. Within those ten things there are some that are for physical, some for emotional and some for spiritual. So although we may find someone physically attractive we definitely don’t find them emotionally or spiritually attractive. So for there to be a connection enough of those elements have to match the other person. They may get all our physical points or just some. The key is they have to match our own points for there to be a mutual attraction. It really is like DNA matching.

I know this may be hard to follow but it really is a complicated matching process. I have a long drawn out version of my theory but I don’t want to get into it too far and drive you all crazy. I do however believe by far the spiritual is the most important draw card. It makes us see the beauty in someone. This explains and could in part override other factors. It explains the phrase ‘opposites attract’.

Overall the point is that we are all different and that’s what makes the world so awesome. I love the fact that there is someone for everyone in this world and that is what makes life so amazing.