Equality is about Love


I’m hoping that this post can be kept to a reasonable size but we will see if I can summarise lol. Of all my posts over the years on this topic I ask that you read this one. I feel that this post will post will represent how I feel better than anything I have written before.

The topic is marriage equality. There is no doubt in my mind that this is an issue of marriage equality, not gay marriage but marriage equality. As has been said a million times we are not asking anything at all that others don’t have. We are just asking for equal rights. Any introduction of another system of recognising same sex couples such as civil unions, civil registrations or any other name they want to give it is unacceptable. That’s not equal, that’s segregation.

A recent parallel I heard made by Rod & Cisco was comparing this to the black civil rights movement in the U.S. In particular when they moved from not even allowing the black or African Americans of the time to use water fountains to setting up separate water fountains for them. That’s not equal that’s still segregation. It was still treating them like second class citizens. They didn’t want a separate water fountain, they just wanted the same rights as everyone else. the ability to use the ones that were already there.

We don’t want a new system that some what resembles marriage, we just want the same rights as everyone else. This argument that marriage is a religious ceremony we already know is not true because the ritual is not limited to religious groups now. If religion wants to claim it as a right then they should be out there campaigning to stop secular people, celebrants and others from being able to perform marriage ceremony’s. I mean if you look at this, we are not asking the church to recognise our marriages, we know we can have our marriages performed outside the church. We are only asking the government to recognise the marriage registration performed by a registered celebrant and treat it like any other.

I recently read an article by Jarrah Reay who pointed out that marriage didn’t start as a religious act but a financial one where agreements were met on the union by drawing up contracts to divide land etc. This is where the state started getting involved. Marriage developed into a more emotional union in the 17th Century but the state maintained control. I really would love to see an Australian constitutional attorney’s view on all the workings here and in particular when the Australian Government changed the definition.

In this battle for equality it really is important to stand up and be counted. This is not just a battle for the LGBT but also for everyone to take a stand. This is simply a battle of discrimination and equal rights. Voice the issues whether that be at demonstrations, written campaigns or just in every day life. Take to the internet and make sure those around you know how you feel. Let people know that even if you don’t want to get married you would at least like the choice. I believe strongly this is an issue of love and the government should stay out of it. I believe that I should have a choice and not just be a segregated water fountain. It’s a statistic that around ten percent of the population is LGBT. If you add to that other straight people who support marriage equality that really does make us a powerful force both socially and politically. We are all part of the world and we are all important. Let’s make sure the government know it and let’s make sure society are educated to understand we are not second class citizens, we are the person who handles their tax, serve them food, service their cars, treat them when they are sick and keep them safe.