Happiness & Boredom


I want to talk about Happiness & Boredom. Why both of them? Because I think sometimes they can be linked.

Boredom can a dangerous thing. I personally don’t ever get bored. Not because I am always busy, just that I don’t get bored. When I get the chance to do ‘nothing’ I am happy to do nothing. Whether that be reading, sitting on the computer, sitting in front of the TV or anything else or just nothing. I don’t remember ever being bored.  However if you just look at your FB feed you will constantly see people talking about how bored they are.

I have known many people that say they get bored and get restless. Sometimes this leads to allowing crap in your head, whether that be talking to randoms on chat or having to always be occupied which can lead to meltdowns. I’m not saying being busy is a result of boredom, but boredom can lead to being busy doing things that are really not that enjoyable and are simply activities for the sake of a need to be busy. The number of times I have heard people say they are friends with someone because “it’s someone to go out with” is ridiculous. I mean, don’t allow people into your life if you actually don’t like them. I think this also shows in this need some have to have many “friends” of whom very few are true friends and just take up valuable emotional space in our lives.

I also often see that if you are someone who gets bored easily it is possible and more likely that you will suffer general dissatisfaction in life. This is where it can have a negative impact on you and those around you.

My point here is that I do believe that you can train yourself to be content and happy. There is no doubt that happiness is a choice and you can’t rely on others to make you happy. Maybe it’s time to start learning or training yourself to be happy in your own company. I think boredom can be one of the most destructive forces in the world and in many ways it’s avoidable. I don’t profess to understand this topic but I see the damage it can create every day, just look on FB.

I know there are a lot of psychological issues associated with this and maybe at some point I will do the research and see what I can learn. For now I just hope that I have given you something to think about.

A World Gone Mad


I recently saw THIS story in the news and it got me thinking. The story is basically of a 14 year old boy Sam Matheson who saw a whale close to where he was so swam out to the whale and briefly sat on the whale. The story went international with groups up in arms. It is also illegal to go within 30 metres of a whale. Read the story for more indepth coverage.

So it got me thinking, firstly I didn’t know and I’m sure many of you didn’t know that the law was there. Secondly, who the hell wouldn’t take this once in a lifetime chance to be so close to something so big within nature.

Now I had to consider the whole conservation side of things and looked at other coverage of this story to see if I was missing something. But in the end I think this is one of those situations where I really believe the world has gone crazy. I mean, it was only yesterday I was having a conversation about how the days when you could pitch a tent in a national park and go camping. Now you can’t do that without jumping through many hoops.

Then I see this story and I think here is a kid who took an opportunity to be a part of nature and seriously it is a once in a lifetime chance. He didn’t have any malicious intent and didn’t want to do anything wrong. He simply wanted to be near such an amazing creature. He is then persecuted.

People, we are losing our humanity and it has to stop. One of the comments left by a reader gave me a chuckle, it said “maybe he should have just said he was with Greenpeace and wanted to give the whale a hug”. In reality, that was all he wanted to do, leave him alone and take a look at yourselves.



Emotional Flexibility is one of the traits that I have realised humans really do have. You may not think so but it’s true. Think about the relationship you are in right now or one that you have been in. If there are adjustments you need to make you do it.

Let me give you an example. I have had a few relationships in my time. Each one has been different and I can’t say any of them were particularly bad although others may disagree. But one of my previous relationships took a hell of a lot of work. This was in part due to that partner having psychiatric issues. Now in the time we were together I adjusted to the extra effort and work it took, I compromised on some things and never did I not want to be with him. Really no matter how hard it got I was there and committed.

On the other hand I have a relationship now that is low maintenance and easy. We are totally comfortable with each other and there is no major work involved. Don’t misunderstand, we still work on the relationship to ensure we are both going in the same direction but it’s not hard work.

In my first example, I was always emotionally exhausted but didn’t think twice about being there. Now it’s not emotionally exhausting at all.

I guess I just realised that we as humans really do adjust to the situations we are in. As long as we have the coping mechanisms in place we accept our lives and just keep moving forward. I do think there are other issues that we need to take into consideration in life but in a simplistic form it’s good to know that we have the ability to adjust.

Angry Ants

Drew Aguilera-022[2].jpg

Recently Eddie commented on the apparent increase in angry people around. I have to agree and am noticing it on many fronts some related to Eddie’s commentary and some not.

I do think that the time of year has something to do with it. I have noticed over the years that during the lead up to Christmas, people become more and more stressed and angry. I guess by this time in the year burn out is definitely a factor. I know that I can feel it.

But this isn’t the only place I am noticing it. Even online I am noticing more and more anger and frustration, even on Facebook. But especially I am noticing it in the blogosphere. People are writing much more angry posts and the comments are starting to get a little frustrating.

On my blogs alone I have seen an increase in attacks by some very bitter people. Most are the religious groups and I will not approve them, mainly because they are very personal attacks. I have even seen a comment by a very insecure and bitter person who I know (easy to work out with IP Tracking). This surprised me because I never expected that person to be so bitter, but then apparently I am not the best judge of character. I have no problem approving comments that disagree with me on my beliefs but I will not allow personal attacks. Also if you have an opinion about something I have written or anything at all, at least have the guts to stand by your conviction and put your name to it. It seems to be a common theme that those who attack seem too gutless to identify themselves.

It is a stressful time of year and you will feel the pressure. The main thing is to recognise that you are in that space and allow yourself some time to rest. Life is too short to be angry or bitter. Life is about love and learning. Put that energy into positive things and you will surely be happier.