New Home

Well here we are on my new page. Well at least my relocated page. If you have arrived here from Real Euphoria, please update your links. This is the first post I have made on the new page so we will see how it goes. I'll obviously need to make a lot of changes over time both to the blog and also to my posts. 

It's been a hectic time with the house move and the blog move. We will be generating a new site for our business in the near future and will let you know about that when it happens. 

There is so much happening. I will get back to article writing over the next couple of days and thinking about some of the topics I have it's varied, from relationships to androgyny to the world of Apple. So stay tuned. I will gradually get my sidebar up and running again including links and all the usual goodies. The one thing I like about my new platform is that it is so easy to use. The one downside is that it doesn't have a lot of built in widgets so I have to source those through html but at least it makes me find ones that are actually good. The other thing I like about this platform is that it doesn't get clunky. 

I realise that some people may not move over to this blog which is ok but I felt it was time for a fresh start so I hope you all continue to follow me. If you are a reader feel free to add me to your FB, you will see the link in the sidebar. Just let me know that you have arrived from my blog. 

Anyway, time to run. I'll post a picture later on tonight to see how it goes.