The Ideal

Recently someone asked me what my ideal man would be? Interesting question but it's quite difficult to answer. But whether we realise it or now we all have an ideal partner. 

After much thought I realised I do have an ideal and this is what he is. As far as looks go, I can't really explain that one. I am attracted to a variety of guys. Guys of different races, heights and other features. What I would like in a partner is someone who is an equal. Who has a job (I don't care what they earn). I'd like someone who is able to have an argument and get over it, who is introspective and doesn't always have to be right. 

Someone who looks after me as much as I look after them. Someone who can show how they feel. That may be in genuine words or actions or through affection. Someone who makes me feel as safe as I make them feel. Someone who thinks about me and others more than they think about themselves. Someone who actually cares about my life and how I am. Someone who believes that as a couple you go on a journey together. Obviously I want someone who is honest  and loyal and open who doesn't bottle anything up but rather gets it out, resolves it and moves on. 

Most importantly someone who realises that during a relationship there are ups and downs and stays committed and does whatever we need to do to get through the downs. Someone who will stick to whatever it takes, whether that be counselling,  personal development or whatever. To do this though they would need to be open to being wrong. 

So there you go, my ideal. Some would say that it is a lot and doesn't exist but I'm not someone who expects things or someone to always be perfect, just someone who finds the balance.