I have a strong belief that in the english language at least words mean different things to different people. What love means to me will be different to what it means to someone else. I think that statement works the same whether we are talking about a professional setting or a personal one. I was interviewing a number of young people recently for a job and the one word that kept coming up was 'maturity'. It got me thinking about what that word means. 

I realised that it means different things to different people, it may even mean something different in a personal or professional sense. For me I started asking myself does a person act in a mature way or are they actually mature. Is it a behaviour or a place in your life. Obviously it can be both to some degree. 

So I asked myself what do I think makes someone truly mature and not just acting maturely? The more I listed all the typical things like respect and honest etc I ended up throwing a lot of the list away and realised in my mind, maturity is when someone comes to a point in their lives where they realise that the world doesn't revolve around them. A place where they realise there is more happiness in putting others first. It's a place where honesty is the only way to live. It's a place where you realise that being selfish doesn't lead to happiness. A place where you are ok with being wrong and happy to really take on board others opinions. 

I could go on but if you get to that point in your life everything else will come. You will be more respectful of others, you will show more compassion, you will be happier. Now to some degree this can come with age and experience but it also may not. I have known some young people who already think this way and I have met some older people who don't. There is no guarantee anyone will ever reach that point unless you open yourself up to being genuine and willing to look at yourself. But for now this is my belief.