Companionship in a Relationship

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what is important in a relationship lately and if I was to ask you the question as I do, we would all say the same things. These include honesty, communication, openness & loyalty. These are indeed absolutely a must in a relationship and really a no brainer. But when it comes to the day to day survival of a long term relationship I think it's important that you look at what a relationship requires after the passion and honeymoon period ends. 

I believe that companionship is really important. Companionship is not simple or easy. It's  not a fall back and keeping that going can take effort as relationships take effort. But that's a pretty generic term and probably means something different depending on who you talk to. So for me, companionship is in part a form of intimacy. It's feeling so comfortable with someone that you feel safe, that they will never intentionally hurt you, keep things from you or not be anything but completely open with you. Companionship is about feeling so safe with someone that you know they will be there to look out for you. 

It is also someone that just loves being around you, someone who takes an equal responsibility for decision making and you are still their number one. You enjoy activities together and live on equal terms. This is two people who just want to be together and share their lives. 

Relationships focused on companionship still require the same base and can still be destroyed by the same things that a romantic relationship can. In the end no matter whether your relationship is based on romance or companionship there needs to be key factors such as honesty, commitment and devotion. It still cannot work if there is external flirting, dishonesty, lies and any of the other things that diminish a relationship. The difference though is that a relationship built on companionship can withstand the ups and downs of romantic relationships which fluctuate over the years so focus on the true companionship. 

Love is love and any kind of relationship needs to be safe.