Queensland Liquor Licensing

Next week a debate will happen within state government regarding proposed changes to liquor licensing laws. Basically it will move to impose a 1am lockout and 3am last drinks. I have never hidden that I am a supporter of these changes along with other measures to help curb violence. Experts although divided on these measures seem to agree that the main influence on violence will be the 3am last drinks. 

I don't think any of us will have all the answers but there are some things that I find disturbing in the debate. One argument against the laws will be that it will cause some venues to close. I think that it may happen but is that necessarily a bad thing. What I'm sure it will do is make venues work harder at being the best venue around. Another argument I heard is that shouldn't adults be allowed to decide their choices. Well in an ideal world that would be wonderful but we no longer live in a world that is about community but rather individuals selfishness, so maybe it is necessary. The worst article I read was yesterday and it used backpackers to condemn the laws. Well firstly backpackers tend to be young and here for a short time. They have no interest in the social future of this country. 

In the end, no body is saying people can't stay out and have a good night, they are just saying that you won't be able to buy alcohol after 3am. Seriously if you need that much alcohol to have a good time then maybe it's time to have a look at yourself. In saying that I looked over the submissions to the government and every single submission opposing the changes was from someone or a group who would benefit financially. Either a club or retail group or someone that works for them. Even in the political arena, it seems many are only basing there objections based on financial gain. 

It is time as a country that we make decisions that are in the best interest of the community as a whole. Without changes such as these the only solution is to put more police on and that would cost the community more in dollars. I hope that people can stop being selfish and look at what is being said by those who have to deal with the problems such as police, hospitals and other emergency services. Also consider the unseen benefits from a social impact perspective and from a family perspective.