Liquor Licensing

I don't expect everyone to agree with me but I will say my bit. Over the weekend here in Brisbane a young guy was coward punched for no reason and died in hospital later. This happened in one of Brisbane's popular drinking precincts. This is a tragedy and should never of happened. It was unprovoked and stupid. 

For a while now the government has been working to change the trading hours of venues. Currently venues have a lockout at 3am and close at 5am. The planned change is that lockout will happen at 1am and 2am last drinks. They can still stay open to 5am but can't serve alcohol after 2am. 

Now there are arguments on both sides of this however my opinion is the new rules will help reduce street violence and this has been proven in other areas this has happened. Personally I don't see a problem for patrons as if they are going out to have a good time they can still do that. It is only affecting those who want to get wasted and to be honest I think that you probably need to look at why you need to drink and why you need to drink that much to have a good time. 

I spoke to some people who occasionally go out clubbing and none of them said this was a concern. A large proportion said they normally go home around 3am and so it really has no impact. Even those that said they normally stay out all night said they don't need alcohol to have a good time. 

I know you may not all agree, but if we were to think about the bigger picture and not just ourselves, then if these measures save even one life then I will say they are worth it. Obviously there needs to be other measures alongside this such as more police presence etc, but I think society has become too reliant on alcohol to have a good time and the reality is that society is growing and becoming more complicated so maybe some measures are needed to start bringing society back on track. 

We live in a society that has become very selfish and only focussed on ones self. We need to do whatever it takes to bring some level of humanity back to the world. This may only be a tiny step but even a tiny step can make a big difference.