Facebook - Real Name Policy

There seems to be a huge amount of publicity around the real name policy with FB. 

I have been reading up on this and it doesn't matter which side of the argument you sit on there are some compelling stances. The picture attached shows some of the arguments against the policy. 

I am going to take a different view and say 'I don't care'. I know this is probably an unpopular view but in the end it's a free site that people use. If you don't like the policy switch off. There is a growing amount of evidence that FB is being used less anyway as people are looking to other quick and easy streams such as Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter anyway. 

If you have a professional persona then you can always use 'Pages' to promote yourself. If you have been harassed, stalked etc then maybe it's time to switch off FB. If you are desperate to use FB because the world will end if you don't then simply utilise the privacy settings. In fact you can completely hide your FB profile from the world if you so wish. This way you can just add the people you want to add to stay in touch. Otherwise there are other more private platforms out there you can find to communicate. 

If you are after anonymity than FB or any form of posting on the web is crazy. After all these years we should have learned that privacy ultimately doesn't exist online. Maybe it is time to reassess priorities and look more closely at what is important in life.