Marriage Equality Games

In Australia at the moment we are the closest we have ever been to seeing Marriage Equality introduced. The issue at the moment is that a Bill has been introduced by the Labor Party who allows it's members a conscience vote. However the Liberal Party do not and have decided to drag this issue on. 

Tony Abbott, keeps saying that yes it's an important issue but we won't deal with it until the budget measures are resolved. Personally this is something I find insulting. I know that irrelevant of the situation now, that there is a high chance that by the end of the year Marriage Equality will be law. My issue is that Tony Abbott is really just treating everyone as idiots. Firstly there is no reason that they can't deal with the budget and marriage issue at the same time and secondly it still devalues the issue of equality. 

Ideally Tony Abbott should just allow his party to conscience vote and this could proceed swiftly without issue. His arguments about this needing to be a bipartisan issue is correct but he is the reason it isn't through his inability to deal with it now. By making statements such as he is, he is really just trying to control the issue himself. We all know that Tony Abbott himself doesn't support Marriage Equality but that really is irrelevant and by procrastinating he just makes himself look stupid. 

For me looking at how Marriage Equality in this country has unfolded really means at this point that no matter whether it is introduced soon or not, the Liberal Party and Tony Abbott will go down in history not as the party who made it happen but as the party who dragged it on. Australia should have been at the forefront of this issue and one of the first to introduce it but now Australia is a joke and this is just another reason this country is looking worse and worse in the eyes of the world.