Saga cont.

Well an update so far is as follows.

Friday night - T got home from work and instantly treated me badly. Wouldn't even answer questions like 'would you like dinner?'. Didn't really talk all night. 

Saturday morning T was quiet before going to work but did speak. When T got home from work he acted like everything was fine. This continued throughout the weekend and to Monday morning. In fact it was quite a nice weekend. We did Christmas shopping and talked like nothing had happened. 

To put this in perspective this has been going on for sometime. Things were good over the weekend but I'll admit he spent a lot of time on his iPad switching between Instagram and FB. 

Monday night when he got home from work he was quiet and didn't attack but was quiet all night. Staying on his iPad from the time he got home to the time he went to bed. 

Tuesday morning he was tense but seemed ok. As normal he spent from the time he woke up until the time he went for a shower on his iPad. 

I am saying he's fine  and that is true and a good sign. I do sense that if I said even the slightest wrong thing he would explode so it's like walking on egg shells but at least it's progress. There is still a lot of weird stuff but at the moment we will take things a day at a time. He should be home from work soon so we will see.