Look Up

Over the past few days there has been a lot of dialogue around about social media compulsions and the below video which seems to have sparked it all. I’ve heard conversations started by this video on TV, radio and in general. So to that end, this video has been very successful. 

I am a supporter of social media as it serves a purpose but to be honest my relationship with it is more of a love/hate one. I definitely can relate to the video and I think if you look up at any train station or public place you will start to notice very few people not staring at their phone or tablet. I do find it sad and that is why I frequently spend time away from social media so that I can just concentrate on me. Even when it comes to this blog, I quite often will write a number of posts and then once or twice a week schedule them. Then any syndication that I do whether it to be Facebook, Twitter or others is automated. I have also set up things like FB on my phone to only alert me when those people I want to hear about post. So quite often I may only get an alert once a day. I don’t go to FB for no reason. The other thing I have found very useful is on my iPhone there is a Do Not Disturb option. I have this automatically set to kick in around 7pm each night. So unless it is a call from a family member or someone close my phone doesn’t make a beep. This means I don’t know about emails or alerts coming through until the next day. 

These are a few of the things that I do to have some control over it. It means I am not picking up my phone avery 30 seconds to log in and look at something on FB or check mail or other things. It may sound that I don’t like technology but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I actually love gadgets and tech but have decided that real life is more important. Why would I want to be bombarded with alerts 24 hours a day from desperate people who are posting in order to self promote. I realise this is an incredibly competitive world but most of the shameless self promotion and/or desperate cries for attention that social media is filled with just comes off as desperate and shallow. If you are looking to promote yourself professionally great, but think about it strategically and not impulsively because you can do it much better and without it controlling you. 

Interestingly, we have to be careful what we do. We all know that Facebook for example is starting to lose the younger demographic, with some statisticians predicting that 80% of Facebook users will leave by 2017. In December last year over 600K people in the UK alone abandoned FB. It’s important to remember that FB will eventually be replaced by other social media sites that we may have not even thought up yet. FB is not the internet. Once large numbers of people start to move away from specific sites whether that be FB, Twitter, Instagram or others, these sites will be pointless because people use them because of the audience. In a lot of cases there is no point posting to a site if no one is on the other end. So think careful about the future and it may be worth considering investing that time and energy into those you love because the return on investment is much more valuable and will last longer.