Should Childless People pay more tax

This is a story that has been circulating lately and thinking about the story it does make sense at face value. The argument is that if people don’t have children as a community they should help support those that do in order to secure the next generation. Now if you read the story you may be inclined to say to yourself ‘yep that makes sense’. 

However it does rely on you having a very narrow view on society without looking at the possible outcomes. One thing we know is that when Australia enticed people to have children with a baby bonus (marketing as a helping start) there were people out there who chose to have babies to get their hands on the money. Well this scheme utilises a similar amount of money but through tax savings. The only difference is it encourages people who are working and can benefit from the savings. 

Now Australia has also promoted a maternity leave program that would mean tax payers would pay you six months pay up to I think $75K if that’s what you were earning before taking leave. 

Now for me there are several things wrong with all these scheme’s. That is that is discriminatory against people who decide to not have children or those who cannot have children. It also encourages people to have children, which includes those who really shouldn’t be having them. If this idea is to help populate then import productive labour. I don’t have a problem with immigration and if Australians don’t want to have children then don’t try and bribe them, leave people alone and increase skilled labour migration. 

The other thing wrong with this is that Tony Abbott want’s Australian’s to breed but at the same time he want’s them back in the workforce as quickly as possible after giving birth. So all of his plan’s on paid parental leave just seem ludicrous. There are already family tax benefits available to families which are paid for by all tax payers. Paid parental leave schemes are paid for by all tax payers. I would say that those who don’t have children already pay enough. I see it simply, having children is a choice so then it should be paid for by those choosing to have children. I would much rather see everyone treated equally and no extra benefits to families. However fairly take that money that is already being given to families and spend it in the community or in health and education which can benefit all. 

I may decide to have children or I may not, but if I do I understand the commitment and cost that is associated with that. Most women I know think that the planned parental leave scheme of Tony Abbott’s is crazy but as human’s they will take the money. Of course this will happen. But I would much rather see this money be spent on the NDIS (for those outside of Australia, that is the new National Disability Insurance Scheme, to ensure those with a disability are cared for.). 

Now to be fair, the ‘childless people should pay more tax’ scheme isn’t probable and originated in a speech in the U.S. But I get I needed to have my say. 

When it comes specifically to children if the Australian government wants to improve the number of children in Australia, then look at alternatives. the rate of adoption has continuously declined because of the introduction of Foster Care and the decline of available children. Last financial year there were only 339 adoptions of which 38% were from overseas which means only 210 were local. So one, make it easier Australia wide for the transition of Foster Care kids to move into adoption and make it much easier for Australian’s to adopt from overseas. After all, globally there is no lack of children who are in need of adoption so if the Feds are serious then make it happen. I have to problem with my tax dollars being used to assist people who genuinely want to have children secure a overseas child. Having a child is a privilege not a right so if someone is genuine then help them.