As many of the Australian’s that read this would know, last week Director of Corporate Affairs for Foxtel made some very interesting comments on the high rate of Game of Thrones illegal downloads in Australia. This culminated in his quote that 

"The Lannisters may not be a pleasant lot, but they, at least, always pay their debts.”

I’m not sure I need to say too much because I’ll leave you with his comments to ponder. All I can say is that in the end I just was left thinking that Foxtel who has the only rights this season to Game of Thrones really doesn’t get it. By the way to those that don’t know Foxtel they are Australia’s largest cable TV provider. Now if you take the argument of cost that he puts down it will cost me a minimum of $105 to just watch the season of GoT because it would run over 10 weeks. However I would have to watch it via my PC. Alternatively I could watch it on my TV if I was to mirror it using Apple TV. 

What is lacking is that these providers are just not getting the age we live in where if I want to watch something, I want to watch it on the platform and at a time that suits me. I don’t want to have to subscribe to a service for the length of a season then cancel it. 

I think convenience is a big deal in this day and age. Networks need to consider pricing and delivery. I for one have no problem paying to watch content I like but you need to make it available in a simple consumer friendly way. I am happy to pay the $35 season price that is usually available on iTunes but I’m not prepared to pay $105. 

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