Is Office Politics Worth It?

On the 1st March I wrote about my break but also a frustrating situation at work that involved some internal office politics. Now since then things haven't really changed. Recently a friend wrote about an issue he is having which is all about office politics. You can read that HERE

Something that politics does is wear you down. This can lead to all sorts of issues but one of the worst things you see come out of these situations is people who are exceptional at their jobs leave. Don't misunderstand, I don't think anyone should have to put up with this but it is well known that organisations that are largely run with high levels of office politics never reach their potential and often become well known for treating their staff badly.

Office politics is almost always related to individual ego's and unfortunately in businesses where this happens, it is often out of fear that stops and often enhances the effects. For me there are many players in the game, some genuinely want the best but are forced to play the game to get things done. Others are about exerting their dominance and for others it is  all about proving people wrong and that is just sad. 

It's one thing to be passionate about your job and to be honest if you are it can make life a lot easier but if you don't remind yourself that in the end a job is exactly that 'a job' you will find it difficult to cope with stressful situations. It will impact on your personal life and that is unacceptable. I am extremely passionate about what I do but it's not my life. My life is my family and what I do when I'm not working which after all is something we do to make money. In the end if office politics starts taking it's toll than consider leaving. After all you are more important than a stupid game. 

It's easy to forget that you have choices. It may not always appear that way but you do. If you are unhappy at work than look for something else and although it may not come up immediately, just making the decision to do so will drive you towards the end goal. A lot of people feel trapped in their jobs either because they don't feel they can get something else or theirs a little bit of greed there not wanting to give up that well paid job because you like being able to spend a lot. Doesn't really matter what the reason is but it's all false. You have choices and you need to remember that. Don't let 'a job' destroy you. 

Look after yourself.