Who Are We?

The recent death of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps has seen an outpouring of opinion. Everyone by now would know a lot of the facts surrounding his last days including his 2013 excamunication from the church he founded in the 50’s.

What concerns me is that there are a lot debating about whether to picket his funeral as that is what he has done for many years. Personally I think that as a race we should do what we have preached. We condemned Phelps for years because of the hate filled propaganda and events that he initiated. However now he has died some are basically wanting to do the same to him.

My thoughts on this are that he is dead. We may not have liked him but he has family that genuinely cared and will mourn his death. I realise that some of his family will not but that’s not the point. It is up to us to show him the compassion that he was unable to do. We should lead by example not turn it into a spectacle.

In fact Karma is a beautiful thing! I believe Phelps may have caused a lot of pain but in the end I think his obviously hate filled ways actually may have helped people accept us. This man was so blatant with his hatred that it must have made people sit back and go, this guy his crazy, what is he doing. With every action there is a reaction and I'm not sure it's all bad. Of course he did a lot of bad, but he is now dead and maybe by ignoring his death we will show we are better than simply an eye for an eye. Instead we will move on and ignore his demise.