Schapelle and David Koch


As anyone in Australia will know (and possibly the world), the release recently of Schapelle Corby from an Indonesian prison has caused a lot of controversy. A telemovie ran on Sunday night about Schapelle and now there is a lot of uproar about her receiving money for an interview. 

The announcement on live TV from Sunrise host David Koch that she shouldn’t be paid for an interview because she was convicted is ludicrous. Let me just mention that in Australia there are laws that stop anyone receiving money from the proceeds of crime. But this comment on live TV was actually naive and actually showed a lack of thought and character from one of Australia’s most respected TV hosts. 

Let me explain. In my opinion firstly, if someone is going to pay you for an interview than good on you. Now I don’t know whether Schapelle is innocent or guilty and although I have an opinion I will keep it to myself as it’s irrelevant for the purpose of this post. Now if you take into account David Koch’s comments about her being convicted well yes she was and she has served her time and is now out on parole so if someone wants to pay her money to do an interview it may help her in the future as she will never probably work again. This will actually keep her off tax payer funded benefits. 

Next, she was convicted in an Indonesian court which we know operates in a guilty until proven innocent capacity. This is not a country where you receive the same or comparable level of justice as Australia. So you can’t use the same arguments. If Schapelle went through the court system in Australia it is quite likely that there would have been enough ‘reasonable doubt’ that she would have been acquitted. 

Now although the media in this country has done a good job of driving the public opinion on her guilt, the bottom line is we don’t know. In fact if there is a chance that she is innocent then she has spent almost a decade in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. If that is in fact the case then she deserves everything she can get. If Australia wants to test the case based on the Australian criminal system then go ahead. 

We can all have an opinion on things however it’s not our place to judge and we cannot know for certain whether someone is guilty or innocent. However we also have to recognise that where something happens outside of the system/ country we know it would be unfair to place the same set of standards or rules on the outcomes.