Personal Responsibility

Something that I have always wondered is why many people don't take responsibility for their own actions and negative behaviour. 

Before I go on I should point out that this post isn't from a recent personal experience and has come from an article I recently read which also reminded me of someone from my distant past. 

I am first to understand people that have had abusive or terrible childhoods and or difficult situations and can completely understand that who they are is in part moulded by that. That is one of the reason the justice system takes some of these things into account. I am talking about people who like to seem blameless in their lives yet go around blaming others for their behaviour, their situation or simply because they feel like it. These are the people who have an excuse for everything. They are the ones who don't seem to want to get on with life. They are the ones who seem to blame someone else for every failing in their lives instead of looking at themselves. Instead they gravitate towards anyone who will just believe everything that comes out of their mouths and never challenge them. 

I believe there comes a time in someones life where you just have to go, I am an adult and I need to take responsibility for my own life. I have had personal experience with this as I know someone from my past who I haven't even spoken to in 5-6 years who I know to this day still likes to blame me for just about every part of his screwed up life. Unfortunately it's more sad then anything else because I actually cared about this person and yet he can't see that and can't look at himself to see how his behaviour impacted on me during that time. 

All I can say is that I hold no bad feelings about this person and even though they cheated and lied there will always be a part of me that cares because I can see the person that could have been. Either way this isn't an uncommon scenario and I think more and more in the world people like to make excuses for their behaviour. 

I don't understand it because all that happens is they end up miserable. Look to the future in life because it's up to you how it goes. You shape your future so make it a positive one.