Where Have I Been?

Firstly I would like to say thank you to all those who sent me messages during my absence from blogging. It has helped and I appreciate it. I want to talk about so much and have no idea where to start. I do want to say that this post hopefully won't be a big one but rather an introduction. So I will share briefly why I disappeared from blogging for several months and what has been happening. It's certainly a personal journey and one which most people go through. However each and every person's experience is important to them and in this case me. However this will only be a brief explanation because there are so many things I want to say and each one is probably a unique post. 

When I first commenced my break it was because life was busy and I was feeling that things were getting on top of me and so blogging wasn't a priority and I stopped. However in the time I have been absent I've had many things take place. The main one was the sudden split from my partner, his choice. So I have been through some change lol, including the split, moving and all the things that a split brings with it. Many of the issues will come up in future posts but the hardest thing to deal with was that in his messed up head and his words, 90% of the relationship was great but 10% wrong is too much. I know that sounds crazy but I guess as I see in a lot of people these days they run rather than deal with things. Don't pass judgement on either of us, I will talk more about things in the future. We are on speaking terms and I will always love him more than I can express. But as many tell me I am also prone to defending those I love even when they have done me wrong. 

For those of you who have followed me or know me you will know that when major emotional events happen I need to take down time. I am a highly emotional person who internalises a lot so I need space to help me grieve and mend. Even though the split was three months ago I am far from being over it. I think that takes time and once I see or meet people that could potentially be a prospective partner and can see there are possibilities things will be even better. I'm not dwelling or ignoring it but rather dealing with things. I am moving forward. So this isn't about poor me but rather looking forward. So anyway, I have written a bit too much for a post and will be back later.