On The Way Back

Ok, well this blog is once again live. I have made some changes as you will notice to the design for several reasons. It's primarily to simplify the design and put focus back on the blog itself. This is because at this point in time I just don't have the time to update multiple sections. So for now it is back to basics. However it is also mobile friendly so if you want to read or look on the go you can. 

I will very soon get back to some writing and picture posting. Over the break I have thought very carefully about why I got into blogging all those years ago. It was simply because I found it good for me to write what I was feeling or thought. I have never had a problem sharing information although the more people I know came across the blog the more I had to be a little careful. So I want to get back to writing about things I am passionate about and in particular relationships, people, love and topics that move me. I will also share pictures I come across that I feel are beautiful. 

It's never been about drawing people to the site or gaining readers. It's been about life. In the past that became a little skewed as I felt pressure to regularly update. That won't be the case this time. I will only post when I want to or feel the need to release. I write for myself however am always happy to talk about things that are raised either through comments or emails. If you send me a respectful email I will always get back to you. So if I don't there maybe a bug I haven't worked out yet. 

So sometime over the next few days I will post my first post and go from there.