Murder in Toowoomba again


As I'm sure everyone in Australia has heard there was a murder in Toowoomba a couple of days ago of mother Melanie Perks and her 12 year old daughter Ebony. 

I'll be careful not to release any information I'm not meant to so I won't mention the accused name. But the point being that the accused is actually the son of the murdered. At 16 he has woken up and killed his mother and sister and at this point no one knows why. Maybe there isn't a reason. 

In recent years there has been a number of unusual murders in this town like that of Jake Lasker who I knew. The accused in that case will finally stand trial and I am waiting to see how that goes. There was also the Brisbane murder of the Korean student Eunji Ban by 19yp Alex Reuben McEwan. When the young kill like in these cases I don't know why but my initial reaction isn't outrage or condemnation but rather sadness as to why? 

Obviously the question of why? is on many minds but it's more about what has lead up to these things happening that concerns me. Not reason's or excuses as such but rather what as a society are we failing at that either makes these teens feel so desperate and lost or so empty that they thrill kill. I know that not everyone can be saved, but it seems that these occurrences are becoming more common whether that's true or not I don't know. These are not gang related killings or robberies or other related attacks. Seemingly they seem unprovoked and either calm and calculated or simply arguments out of control.

I realise that even though you can't save everyone, there is obviously societal changes that we are missing . It's not just murder it's also suicide but that's a topic for another day. I believe as a society we need to pay closer attention and make the effort to connect with people more. We need to take responsibility for the state of our world. I hope we can all make a difference.