What Motivates Opponents?


I’m not a therapist so really these views are my opinion. I was thinking the other day about those who oppose Marriage Equality and wondered why? After all, we see the anger or ignorance on the subject from those who oppose it. I cannot find too many calm and articulated arguments out there where I can say, yep that’s fair. It almost seems to me emotive and in most cases angry. 

Well to look at it that way anger is well accepted to be a result of fear and if thats the case what are opponents afraid of? I have thoughts on this and some of my thoughts are as follows:

1)     Fear of Religion - Religious arguments are not really valid in this day and age. Argue that the Bible says no to homosexuality and it can easily be argued that it also says no to blasphemy and a lot of things that so called Christians are guilty of every day, lust is one of the biggest. I actually don’t believe this is the biggest fear for the religious argument. I believe it is about control. Christian movements have taught these things for many years and to change the rule could make them seem like they were wrong and what would that mean. The Bible has been used for many means of control over the years and it seems to be about the belief that the Bible is somewhat literal. 

I am not going to get into this argument but the religious arguments are just more about tradition than anything else. That’s even without going into the issues over the years in the translations of the Bible or the books missing from the Bible and what you will discover if you look into who chose the manuscripts that would make up the current Bible. Don’t misunderstand, I completely support religious organisations in principle. After all it is part of life that people have the right to believe whatever they want and I think everyone needs something to believe in. My issue with religions is when they they try to impose their beliefs on entire countries through condemnation and throwing money at people like politicians which you may claim is a contribution but really in many cases is a form of bribery by trying to influence decision makers. Return to the simplest messages of the Bible such as “Don’t judge others” and “don’t hurt others”. 

2)     We tend to see more men apposed. I see this as maybe a sign that men through their natural make up are more threatened by things that don’t fit with their masculinity. However what we do find more often than not is men who are confident in their own sexuality are more comfortable around gay men. So that would lead me to think that if religious belief is not the reason then maybe those men who are anti-gay maybe not comfortable with their own sexuality and have tendencies in that area themselves. 

After all for anyone who mixes in a variety of circles you will know that sexuality is very much on a scale as Kinsey explained. Maybe a lot more people are within the scale rather than on either end. 

We definitely find that younger generations are more accepting of gay people and that may be because, not growing up with as much anti-gay propaganda they just don’t see the problem. After all the battle for equality is a battle against historical norms and stubbornness. Homosexuality was the norm several thousand years ago but with time and new leaders comes new beliefs. We already know that the argument against Marriage Equality isn’t a great one. We know that ‘marriage' may have grown into a religious tradition but if it was meant to stay that way then every marriage that has taken place (which is the majority) by a non religious celebrant shouldn’t be a marriage. The arguments are weak and marriage started as a means to manage money and property. It has been fluid to some extent evolving with time. I often wonder if countries that have had marriage equality for a while such as Canada are looking at the rest of the world now laughing at the stupidity. 

Opposition to something that doesn’t have an impact on you in any negative way and doesn’t involve hurting anyone just seems odd to me. Hopefully those who are still opposed will realise this one day.