Your Ego


Something that has to be monitored carefully in business is ego. No there is a big difference between ego and confidence so be careful. Confidence is when you just know what will work and fight to ensure nothing gets in the way of it seeing daylight. Ego on the other hand is where you do whatever it takes to get what you want. A danger in this area is being self aware because unless you have developed self awareness you may have difficulty differentiating between the two. What often happens when ego gets in the way is you start to think that you are the business and without you it wouldn't succeed. The other thing that happens in this scenario is that you will start to believe you are working in the best interest of the business when in fact it is purely ego cementing itself. 

That is why some of the worlds most successful and powerful business people are quite restrained in the way they use their power. They have no problem sharing the power and have no problem working in the trenches as it would be. You will see these true powerful people genuinely saying that their success is due to the brilliance and hard work of others. I have always believed that true success comes with working in a job with the goal of making yourself unnecessary. Basically you should lead by teaching, attribute credit always and develop people in a way that they no longer need you. The biggest mistake is not recognising talent and thinking you can do everything. That's why you should surround yourself with people that are the best at what they do. 

There is no doubt that companies run by ego will fail. Part of this failure comes from the hiring practices of ego driven people. Where a good CEO will hire someone who is good for the business and could be better at the job than you, an ego driven CEO will be threatened by someone and not hire the right people. Ethically if you ensure you do this and don't screw people over you will not only build a reputation of success but you will be respected for your vision. If you don't know whether you are driven by ego or not ask yourself whether you have problems delegating responsibility?, do you really listen to all the staff and implement their changes or do you impulsively shoot them down or ignore the suggestions? Do you always give credit and even if the idea came from someone but you made it successful did you hand the credit to someone else? Another thing you will often see in ego driven individuals is that they often micromanage or tell themselves so and so isn't able to do that task or project. 

Being the top of the ladder in a business is never about being the smartest person, it's about being the most effective leader. Successful CEO's are about having the ability to mould and connect their organisations. Identify talent and ensure the cogs work in the most effective way. Basically a CEO's job is to manage people. If you can do that you will make an exceptional success.