A Long Way To Go

Sometimes it just amazes me that I feel we as gay men are on the way to equality and then other times I am shocked by how much further there is to go. 

Yesterday I saw a press release from Minister Glen Elmes making the statement "Our Diversity Defines Us" but goes on to talk about cultural diversity and "Difference is everywhere in our society, and none of us should be threatened by it." Interestingly and I'm not taking into account his personal view on marriage equality but rather his party view, I find statements like this hard to take when the LNP is still refusing to support marriage equality. Everytime I hear statements like this I just can't take people seriously. Walk the walk. If the LNP is going to stick by it's stance against marriage equality then they need to be really careful not to make statements that are in contradiction to that. 

On top of this we saw this week the backlash against loving gay couple Kaleb and Kordale who obviously love their kids and show off their lives on Instagram. The backlash from people has been disappointing and if you don't know about this story you can read more HERE

Then we see what is happening across the globe in some African countries and Sochi. Personally I believe that we should have boycotted the games but I do respect people's decision to attend anyway. 

I just see across the globe there is so far to go although I can see how far it has come. My concern is that whilst the western world don't stand unified on this issue it will be very difficult to influence the rest of the world. In this country which should have got it's act together by now it seems strange that when time and time again it has been proven that the majority of Australians support marriage equality, the government still ignores it. 

The only possible reason I can see that the government is ignoring these facts is that there must be money and ego involved. Obviously they are afraid they will lose a significant amount of money and/or they have God complexes and don't care what the people of Australia want. I may be an idealist and believe we should live in a world where people are equal and where people are innately honest but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be the case. Even though the process can be slow a lot of the time I still believe that good and what is right will eventually prevail.