24 Hour Technology


A couple of days ago I posted a clip that was sent to me about social media and people being on it constantly. I was also watching a story in this topic recently where the expert referred to it as not people constantly being on social media or texting but was specific and said, people constantly on Facebook lol. 

It does make me wonder how we can find balance with technology. I am a heavy user of technology in my job and certainly support advances in technology. When I say balance what I am referring to is the utilisation of technology versus the growing need to use it 24 hours a day. Sitting at a cafe with a group of people constantly on your phone checking Facebook or Twitter or constantly posting to Instagram is actually rude and as humans we need to consider that. Being constantly on your phone or tablet at home means you are only partly present in your loved ones presence and this is dangerous. 

I have to ask the question, why is it becoming more necessary to cyber stalk others or constantly know every move others are posting and doing in their lives. The level of voyeurism is astonishing and with the amount of time that is spent on it has to be having a negative impact on people's relationships and minds. 

However there is a slight ray of hope. More and more I am seeing young people under 25 saying no to Facebook and other social networks. When I quiz them about it they simply say they would rather interact with people face to face and when not doing that they can spend time alone. The overwhelming reaction by people who have previously had social networking sites and gotten rid of them is how much time they have and how much more peaceful they feel not getting caught up in other peoples lives has been the best part. So who knows what will happen in the future. Maybe there will be a shift in consciousness in time. I guess we will wait and see how people evolve.