One of the things I will do from time to time is review food or restaurants. I sometimes review things and I thought I would get back to it. I'm not going to be a critic as such but I will see what happens. My reviews are purely my own experiences and if restaurant owners take offence I can't help it. They will be good and bad so we will see what happens. I recently saw a current affairs show saying how reviews on sites and the like are just not fair and what was funny is one of the restaurants they made out were hard done by I have personal experience with and the critics are right about this place. Over the years I have been there probably 20 times and gradually it has become worse. The service has become worse the food has become worse and the arrogance just tops it off. This will be one of those places where an owner should listen to the critics and stop blaming bad reviews for the drop off in customers and look at the business. Either way I will review places based on my experiences. I will also include (to be fair) whether I have visited the place only once or multiple times. My first review will come in a couple of days or so and rather being for a particular restaurant will be for a chain of them. But this will vary. 

So we will see how it goes.