Same Sex Marriage

This country is kind of embarrassing, but I think historically people will look back and think what a bunch of idiots our politicians were. What am I talking about, well simply Marriage Equality. 

As those in Australia know, the A.C.T voted at a state level to introduce Same Sex Marriage. Obviously the Feds didn’t like it and so decided to take the State to court. Now the hearing has been held however they have reserved their decision until Dec12. This means that as of this morning there is a five day window where Same Sex Marriage can occur in that State. So at 12:01am the first Same Sex Marriage took place. Now there is a chance the A.C.T will not win the court battle but if nothing else it will send a clear message that this is going to happen. 

My belief is that no matter which way the case goes, it will make our PM look like a fool. Obviously if the Feds don’t win, they will be frantically needing to bring the Federal law into line, after all you can’t have one state doing one thing and the others doing another. But it will certainly make him look like a fool. 

On the other side if he wins he will look like a homophobe and bigot and will have to tread carefully. He can’t gloat although I wouldn’t be surprised, otherwise it will make him look bad. I’d like to remind my readers at this point that actually the majority of the country is in favour of same sex marriage. So it’s not even the country holding out but rather the politicians, probably because they are scared of the Christian Lobby’s. 

The only way he can come out of this relatively unscathed should the hearing result be in his favour, is if he uses it as a platform to say that he believes that it is a Federal law and move on a conscience vote for all members of parliament. If he does this he will look proactive and it could work for him. Unfortunately to this point he has refused his own party the option of a conscience vote but rather forced them to tow the party line. 

Either way it is interesting and I look forward to seeing how it all plays out. In the meantime it is beautiful to see same sex marriages starting to take place and even if it's only for a short time it shows how beautiful life can be.