3 Sleeps

Well here we are with only three sleeps until Christmas and I am starting to unwind from the year of work. The break from work is definitely needed and to be honest, as frustrating it is to deal with some of the people I work with and there are some bad ones, particularly the trouble makers. Overall I am grateful to have a good job and will deal with whatever crap is necessary because I am passionate about what I do. 

But for at least the next two weeks it will be a chance to unwind and relax with family and ourselves. A chance to just do nothing for a while. So for now I would like to wish every one a great Christmas full of the love that everyone truly deserves. 

Keep in your mind those that don't have the love and support around them at this time of year and if an opportunity comes up to help those who are alone or struggling please take it. Christmas is a time for selflessness and giving. Please do what you can to remember those less fortunate.