Someone close to me the other day said they are still amazed how well I take life's knocks. To begin with this was a conversation only as my life is pretty good at the moment. When things do go wrong though I really don’t handle things I simply accept that I have been bruised and need time to recover. I have had my fair share of bad experiences in life and have had significant challenges. The thing that always gets me through is understanding that things will improve and that others have been through the same and far worse. I also have chosen to believe that things are possible. But I guess the reason that I have always been someone to get on with life is simply because I believe that for those that have wronged me or treated me badly or unfairly, it’s not necessary for me to be bitter or seek revenge. It’s a fact in my mind that Karma will look after them and me. 

What I mean is that I am a strong believer in Karma. Karma to me is simply the universe repairing balance. Those that hurt others will end up suffering even if it’s not obvious. Those that are good to themselves and others will get more of that in return. It’s not all going to be good or bad. Life is a journey of self discovery and as humans we will be challenged at times. But I know that I don’t have to handle things badly and seek revenge or intentionally hurt others. Firstly if I was to do that it would come back and hit me. Secondly, why would I, I know the universe will take care of it for me. 

I know of people from my past that have used or hurt me and karma has returned and beat them up from what I hear, and I would be lying if there wasn’t a moment of satisfaction but it doesn’t last long as I hate to see anyone suffer, even those who may deserve it. But I do understand that is their Karma and I wish for them to at least learn a lesson from it so they can be better people and move on to have a better life. I know that won’t happen for some of them and that is sad. But it does happen that some people just never learn and will always just blame others for their problems and not look within. But even for these people I hope that does change eventually. 

So if someone had wronged you or hurt you, simply accept the lesson and move on. Let the universe teach them their lessons in good time and you just move on and concentrate on making your own life a great one.