Something I have realised over the last week is that I am simply not working at full capacity. 

My brain isn't processing information as quickly as usual, I'm not as articulate as usual, I'm having meetings and just rambling about shit. I am not focussed and am just simply not myself. 

I know it's just a combination of pure mental and emotional exhaustion and as such could probably be tagged as a case of burn out. What concerns me is I'm not starting my break until the end of next week and before that I have some pretty important meetings. 

I guess it's just one of those things that I have to try and deal with until then. I am picking the things to achieve before the break very carefully, not engaging in meetings that I can put off until next year and generally laying low. That's about all I can do until I get a chance to rest. I have always known that at this time of year you start to burn out and although my enthusiasm or desire to achieve is their I have simply identified what I can achieve whilst I am in this space. 

I'm sure many others go through times like this and it's definitely something to be aware of. I think if you are self aware at least you can minimise any damage that you may do lol. So we will see what eventuates over the next week or so and if anything goes wrong I hope at least it is something I can laugh about.