I see activists in the LGBTI world that are in the news and doing great work. Even the ones that I don’t really support are doing good things. Ok, what I mean by that is there are some like Dan Savage who has done some great things like the “It Gets Better” campaign however there are much of what he says that I don’t agree with. But to give him credit where it is due he has got the causes out there. Even people like Stephen Ira who isn’t comfortable in the media but does maintain a blog that has got a lot of attention does wonderful things. In fact it’s guys like Stephen that I prefer because they get the message out there in a genuine way relative to their own experiences. 

As was pointed out to me recently Australia doesn’t really have that. We don’t have the activists who are constantly in the media like a Dan Savage. Someone recently said we need a Dan Savage in Australia. I was thinking about this and I’m not convinced it would work. I know we need people fighting for the rights and we have organisations doing that at the moment but I’m not sure a single outspoken individual would work. Australians don’t respond to individuals in the same way Americans do. It’s difficult to explain but I suspect that if there was an individual like this they would be seen as someone who should just shut up. We don’t seem to respond to them in this country. However examples of individual support is definitely needed and Australian celebrity endorsements would go along way. But I think out individuals who lead by living their lives is powerful in this country. I think Australians respond to people they respect more than to people they hear. 

I still think there needs to me noise on the issues that are important, and we have organisations like Get Up and Marriage Equality Australia as examples of that. We do need more out sports people and celebrities adding their name and support to these organisations and to definitely get through the political bullshit though. 

With those Australian’s I have spoken with about this topic they all said they would like to see more famous Australian’s coming out and showing their support but none wanted a spokesperson. It seems in general that whenever one person becomes the poster child of a cause that you end up alienating a majority of those you are meant to be fighting for because the LGBTI population is so diverse that one person cannot make statements that work for everyone. I guess this is similar to my feelings about Dan Savage. Most LGBTI people I have spoken to don’t like this guy. They all state he has done some good things but his beliefs don’t reflect the majority and can cause people outside of LGBTI to think all of us support one set of beliefs which is just crazy. 

The key is to remember that we all are individuals and just like those outside of the LGBTI community cannot be labelled.