Jason Wise

Recently I was inspired to write about Gay Pride. This came from comments I saw by actor Jason Wise. Even though my post was not really related to Jason's comments it allowed me to examine how I felt. Jason was discussing that there was complacency in the gay world which was due to young gay people forgetting the struggles of the past. It is a fact that even talking to people now who are young they don't seem concerned about issues and dangers such as HIV. We know from statistics that it is still a big issue and those that didn't grow up during the HIV deaths and issues have no understanding. I see eighteen year olds and for that matter thirty year olds not practicing safe sex and endangering not only their own lives but those of others.

These days we hear about gay bullying and it is prevalent in society. We hear the horror stories more than ever from the suicides that were probably ignored in the past. There are a lot of young gays that don't experience the bullying because over the past ten years even in schools it has become more acceptable and to some degree trendy to be gay. This is great for the new generations coming through but unfortunately it means we are seeing more and more people who just don't get outraged by the bullying out there which is a very real issue.

There are a lot of issues that still exist in the world for gay people and just because you may not experience it personally doesn't mean you should ignore it. It is important that we all look at where we have come from and what struggles and issues are out there. There is issues that have been born from the past including alcohol abuse, physical abuse and general conditioned behaviours. Real issues exist for gay youth even in this country including bullying, abuse, homelessness and others. We should be proud of who we are but at the same time realise that it doesn't excuse us from basic human decencies such as caring about others, being selfless and being mindful of the dangers facing those who are gay.

I hope that Jason, who I'm sure didn't expect the coverage he got from his interview continues to share his message because it is an important one.