Cheeky Nerd Evolving

There are a number of changes going on behind the scenes here at The is method to my madness and I just wanted to update you a little. For those of you who are connected to Cheeky Nerd on FB or my personal account you will have seen that yesterday I stopped posts from here appearing on my personal account. This is not to keep anyone out but rather so the FB cheeky nerd page which you can get to from the link in the sidebar I want to develop. I will in the future be adding other elements from this site to FB and a FB page is the base for that. It will also allow me to combine any other topical blogs that I may start to the one place. So if you are on FB make sure you like my FB page so you can stay up to date.

The other big change is that I want to develop this website for the future so although I'm not changing platforms I am upgrading the platform that this site works with. The reason is that the new version will allow more flexibility for the future. Whether that be style, adding podcasts or just galleries. I'm not sure of timeframes and it could take months for all the changes to take shape. I will update you where I can on here and the FB page of any pending changes and I'd appreciate it if you let me know of any bugs when it does happen. Unlike many I still want my blog to form the core of my site because I see my thoughts as the reason I do this but I want to have the flexibility to grow. This will include a new template at some point. The new template will remain simple because that's me and may move some elements from the sidebar. As I work these things out I will let you know. For the many that use an rss feed to stay up to date I will do my best to maintain the link so it doesn't interrupt the feed.

So stay tuned as this progresses and in the meantime make sure you have liked the Cheeky Nerd blog page on FB. Oh and if there are other ways you stay up to day with my blog, feel free to let me know. I will be enhancing the Twitter and Instagram connections and once developed the Google+ as well. Your suggestions are most welcome. As always I am also happy for writing ideas and am open to anyone who would like to write, share or post on Cheeky Nerd themselves even if it is something from your own blog. I see CN as a small community of people and would love people to write articles and post pictures on here.

Thanks everyone.