Migration of Site

Well we are getting closer to the migration of this site over to the new version. I realise the new site may not be to everyone's liking but I have decided for my own benefit I need to simplify. It will be a work in progress so will still develop after it's launch. I am open to any suggestions particularly in relation to readability etd. I will be moving things into folders or menus. 

To those that are part of my private diary, I will post there at least once more before migration as I have some things I need to update you on.

I will be a little bit quiet on here later in the week so I can move everything over to the new site and format things. I am aiming for a Saturday launch but it could be earlier or later if things go wrong. I will endeavour to ensure the rss feed keeps the same address but please if things don't work as they should let me know. 

The new site will be a little brighter but the software behind it will allow me to develop a lot more in the future. So stay tuned and stick with me while the changeover occurs. Thanks everyone.