Myself & Anderson Cooper

Coming out is something that we have noticed over the last 10 years has become less of a headline. That is a good thing, it means it's not being viewed as a big news story and rather just part of life. Anderson Cooper's coming out was the latest. Like he said in his statement that in an ideal world it wouldn't be anyone's business and I agree totally. Yes it still helps acceptance to see people who are famous coming out but really it's not anyone's business.

I have always felt awkward about the concept of coming out and there are elements of being gay that causes me great concern, some of which I mentioned in brief during my last post. For me I am me and I know who I am. I see so many gay men (a lot) who seem to feel that not only do they find it necessary to make sure people know they are gay but to also make gay apart of most conversations. I then see them use being gay as an excuse for their bad behaviour, "Oh that's because I'm gay", and "all gay guys do that". Everyone knows I am gay and I don't hide that, but I think it's a rare occurrence that it's ever a part of a conversation and my behaviour isn't different because of it.

I am proud of who I am as I'm sure many are including Anderson Cooper, but really why is it anyone's business. As a human, I see personal respect as the most important thing. I need to be able to respect myself and am proud that people that know me respect me for who I am. I know that I am a good person. I know that I am honest and care about the people around me. Really to be honest, I value that my partner without a shadow of a doubt knows exactly that I would never do or say anything that would make him doubt my character and that's what is important to me.

Coming out is a personal choice. I don't believe in hiding it at all because it's who you are, but it's not anyone's business and shouldn't impact on how you are treated or how you treat others. I believe in being treated equally and for that I will fight for my rights, however if we are expecting equality from the world then we need to show the world that we are equal and not keep trying to separate ourselves.