Conditioned to see Emotions as Weak?

Are we conditioned to view emotions as weak? As a society it seems that people are conditioned to bury their heads in the sand everytime emotions or feelings come into a conversation. I'm not talking about uncontrollable crying or anything that extreme, but it seems that even the mere mention of the words "I feel" make some run. 

The weird thing is at the same time we spend most of our time trying to work out how others feel. Maybe it's not conditioning and it's just peoples baggage, I really don't know but when I think about it I find it crazy. 

I'm probably the opposite, I have no problem talking about my feelings, mainly because how I feel is so important in how I live my life. To remove my feelings from anything in my personal life just seems crazy because the people in my personal life need the facts of how I feel in order to make my intentions known. Otherwise if I use purely my intellect they will always wonder what I feel. It's the same in reverse. Unless someone tells you and shows you how they feel you will always be wondering. 

In fact to take it to another level, I think if more people talked about their feelings there would be less conflict particularly in relationships. Being more open about feelings as long as you are listened to will lead to better communication and lead to a much more honest life. So my advice to those who prefer not to hear how their better half feels is to give it a go. Both of you share your feelings not your thoughts and definitely don't shut down when feelings come into it. Remember if someone is sharing their feelings with you it means they trust you and love you and want to be closer to you. 

Even though sometimes it seems showing emotions is easy and suppressing them takes more effort, let me say that is crap. To open up to someone about your feelings leaves you very vulnerable and open to criticism. It is a very trusting act to share your feelings so appreciate it and realise that it takes them more to share how they feel with you then it does for you to suppress yours.