Respect & Decency

Recently I read an article about common decency being less and less a part of our society. Although I agreed with the article on many points I also realise that the benchmarks of decency can and will change over time. I mean for example that what is acceptable on tv screens now wouldn't have been acceptable ten years ago. So there are things that do change.

However whether it be decency or just plain common courtesy there are things that are sadly missing from society now that can have a huge impact in the future. Now it seems that it is okay not to even say please and thank you. For me this is just the ground zero of decency. If everyone got back to just using these two things I can easily see how it would get society back on track to a more respectful society.

A lot of damage has been done to our society through our busy lifestyles. Technology particularly in the newer generations has created a new set of rules. Texting has created a new communication style that has changed society. Last night while watching one of my favourite shows a fight occurred between a parental figure and child. The teen vanished but at some point checked into a cafe on her FB, this was her way of saying she was ok. This may or not be right in terms of courtesy but it is a new way of thinking. Communication is evolving.

The divide between private and public life has gone as we know with everything being in the public realm to some degree. This means we need to work harder at establishing our own boundaries in our families. We need to ensure that we maintain a separation with our private lives even if the lines are blurred. Otherwise we risk our personal lives being influenced and run by the public forum.

If we can bring back some basic decencies such as please and thank you I really believe it will start to rebuild respect between people. If we can start to rebuild respect in basic areas then respect will increase in other areas. You need to be clear with people and tell them that that there are boundaries. I won't talk in public about my home life in detail because that is none of their business. Yet when you read stories you see people are more and more willing to tell the world everything. Boundaries need to be drawn and I really believe if you show respect these boundaries will come naturally. The thing is we all know this, we just need to put it into practice.