Life, Love, Escape

At the moment there is so much going on and I'm not sure when it will stop. We are trying to plan a holiday escape so hopefully that will happen soon. I am also working on a new site which will be simpler, because thats what I want. I like this one but I will be reformatting it to a simple interface, less sidebar on blog and a slightly new look. It will take some time as there is not much of it at the moment but I will get there. 

The more I talk to people the more I realise that I am not meant to live in the city. I realise that could take some time to make happen but it is something we are both working towards. Unfortunately though we have to work towards it as it's a job and money thing. 

I don't dislike the city but I realise that people who live in the city have different priorities and a lot of the time it's more superficial. This is just from experience of a lot of gay people. So I realise it's not everyone. But it's also the convenience of things. Because there is so many options and choices people feel they have to indulge. I find that when you don't have those conveniences you tend to be satisfied and happier with the simpler pleasures in life. 

It's a hard concept to explain because it's not a bad thing, it's just a natural transition to live a certain way when you live in more populated areas. However I am a very content person and just want a simple life. Most find that hard to believe of me because I do put on a good front. I think I would appreciate the city more if it was a visit rather than living there. Plus it's much easier to grow the animal collection in the country lol. 

I truly believe that the universe is part of us and we have to be in tune with nature, and that is why people in cities find it harder to relax. I have a lot of beliefs in life and one is that we are not meant to be on this earth as a  single person. I believe we are meant to be partnered, to share life with someone. Not everyone believes the same as me but that's my belief. I am fortunate at the moment to have that and it's a wonderful thing. However I am a strong believer in the fact that people don't partner up as easily now because relationships are hard work and harder than being single. But the thing is that being single isn't as rewarding. Unfortunately many people get into relationships thinking they are easier then being single but that's just laughable. After all you are two people trying to merge in some way. That is always going to bring with it issues. Luckily for someone who has the will power you find your way through that and are at peace. 

I will never say my relationship is easy but we work hard to find that medium and if we are meant to be we will. I am lucky in the respect that I have always help true to my beliefs and even when things have been tough, I have my beliefs to fall back on. I wish this for everyone out there. Work out what you really want in life and then stick to your beliefs. 

I will have some topical writing coming up soon. I will also be posting a review of a short film I've been asked to watch, so stay tuned for that. Remember to stay strong.