Gutless Homophobes

I am still surprised when I am confronted with the extremists. I really know that the majority of this countries population support or don't care about the gay population but occasionally I still see things that surprise me.

Someone I know in Toowoomba gave me a flyer that had been left in their mailbox. I'm not going to publish the flyer because it just adds a wider audience for this person at this stage. However I am happy to email you a copy of this flyer which I have digitally if you would like to read it. Just email me or ask in the comments and I'll email it to you. This was a four page A5 flyer titled "Same sex marriage, is it in the best interest of Australia". Obviously as is always the case it was not signed and had no contact details, not even an email address, but we are used to these gutless people.

The basis of this persons argument is that once same sex marriage is legal it will open the floodgates for everyone to get what they want including pedophiles, polygamists and even stated or referred to beastiality brothels in Germany.

With statements like "he argues that there is a natural connection between homosexuality and pedophiles" and "some gay men sexualise human waste" and talks about anal sex which leads to fecal leakage. Throughout this poorly written document it states facts and statistics that are biased and in some cases totally false. Oh, there are some true facts mixed in there such as higher levels of depression and suicide which I have verified through multiple studies, but this author failed to actually look at why this happens and decided to point to the cause as being due to acceptance.

The author keeps saying that anyone who disagrees with gay rights or speaks up is automatically labelled a homophobe. I think that danger exists due to a minority out there with any minority group. However in general I think this is a load of crap. If you believe strongly in something than you stand up to be counted for your beliefs. I personally have no problem with people having an opposing view but back it up with quality research and allow a conversation. So for those out there who have a problem or believe something about being gay that differs from my view than let me know what your beliefs are logically and without hate and allow me to respond. I believe people have the right to a view as long as you don't hide yourself. Let me contact you. What I have a problem with is when I receive emails and comments from people who are filled with hate and don't leave at the very least and email address that I can respond to.

In this flyer the most inaccurate and just ridiculous statement that I couldn't believe was the author stated was based on a study and said in relation to children of same sex relationships "they said they had sex with parents at some stage". I couldn't believe this crap.

I would love it if someone with the time wanted to articulate a response to this flyer point by point but right now I just don't have the time. I am mobile at the moment so am writing this post on my iPad. If I had the time and maybe at a later stage I will be able to get to this, but am happy to pass this onto someone who would be willing to address this. If you don't have your own blog or site just let me know and I would be happy to post the response.

I guess it's just hurtful that someone would purposely try and put false propaganda out there like this. Particularly since it was obviously written by someone in the Toowoomba area and distributed by hand in that area.