Update - Facebook & Rough Patch

I'm starting to get myself organised in many ways at the moment. I'm going through a rough patch at the moment and although I know everything will work out in the end it has made me think about this blog. I do write a lot about how I feel on here and even more personally in the members section. I love this blog and it has got me through many a rough patch. 

Many of you are not on my Facebook profile as it is a personal page so I have set up a Cheeky Nerd Facebook Page so that if I am uninspired in terms of writing a whole post, I can keep you up to date in between posts on the Facebook Page. 

It's also a good place to see if there is a new post available as it will post to the FB Page a summary of my post. So feel free to Like the Facebook page to stay up to date with this blog. 

You can go straight to my FB page from HERE...