Who Am I?

I sometimes think about the person I am. The thing that is important to me is to be objective in my own evaluation. So to let you know into my world a little I thought I would wrote it down. Now I can write about a lot of things but when it comes to stuff like this it may get a bit awkward lol, so let's see. I know depending on who you are you will see negative trits in me. We all have them but what one person sees as a flaw, another see's as a positive so go figure. So here is some of my postives. 

From my experience I am a rarity in the gay world. Whether things in my own life are good or bad I have always believed in love and relationships. I am one of those people who really believe in being with someone through good and bad and that relationships take work. Unfortunately for me I have had partners who don't think that way. 

I am an introvert but hate being sterotyped. Yes I am comfortable alone and being in my own space, but I do find it frustrating when people think that because I'm an introvert that I'm not interested in socialising, this is simply untrue. I am uncompromising in my honesty, loyalty and willingness to stick by people. Usually this trait is what has led to me being hurt. 

Because I am an introvert and a bit ASD, I rarely think to entertain others simply because I don't comprehend boredom. I don't remember ever being bored in my life. However this doesn't mean I am not happy to do something, it's just I don't often think to initiate things. 

I am a romantic both in my actions and words. I am someone who naturally is nurturing and tends to some degree to look after the one I am dating or with. Maybe this comes back to my loyalty. I like someone who wants to be with me and actually likes doing things with me. This is one of those things when I am in love I want to be with that person sharing together as a couple socially and in everyday life. I believe in sharing your life with someone. 

I am quirky and a lot strange in many ways so the people I am closest too are those that see beyond those things and directly into my heart. Sounds strange but I am full of weird traits. When you meet me I seem quite normal and a little nerdy. I'm not sure why that is peoples first impression but hey, it helps me not waste time on people that are not really willing to get to know me. 

See what I mean. It's really difficult to explain who I am. The one thing that everybody who has known me well has said is that I am the most loving person they have met. The most honest and loyal person they know. They say that when in a relationship they have never met anyone who goes through as much as I do for the benefit of the relationship. Often they tell me I deserve to be looked after because I have had that role for so long. I'm not sure what that means because I am nurturing. 

Really, different people will have different opinions of me, but the one thing I can be proud of is that in my life I have always maintained my values, morals and character traits. So I am not sure what any of what I have written means except to say that I know in my heart I am a good guy.