Well this morning saw the release of a range of new products and operating systems from Apple.

The new MacBook Pro is amazing along with a range of new hardware. I’m looking forward to testing Mountain Lion the new Mac operating system. However today for me was about iOS6 because it brings with it a hint of what to expect in the next iPhone and although some of the new features are good, it was a little underwhelming.

The first thing which is obvious is that Apple have dumped Google maps in favour of their own Maps app. It is an elegant maps program and I can see the potential for it to do a lot but it still has a little way to go before reaching Google standard. However I will say that it is already better than Bing.

If you use Safari on your other hardware then this update to Safari is great because it syncs browser tabs between devices. This works for me on the iPhone and iPad but on my Mac I use Chrome.

As we all saw in iOS5 when they integrated Twitter into the operating system, we were allowed a much more easy flowing service. Apple have now done this with Facebook and it is clean and works well in my early testing. Even though I would say Android have been doing this for a while, I’d say I prefer the iOS integration sticking to key functions. It will be interesting to see how this goes after some more testing.

Siri I can’t comment on yet but I have heard it is greatly improved.

The new Passbook app brings all of your tickets, store cards and payments under one banner, but I haven’t been able to test this yet and I doubt (hope I’m wrong) Australia won’t get a great benefit from this yet.

Facetime is not an app I use a lot of but in iOS6 it has been upgraded to work over 3G and not just WiFi.

There has been an update to email adding a VIP folder which means you can assign people to an only view important messages.

The phone has had an update too, which gives a quick text option as well as I’ll ring you later etc etc. This is a pretty cool feature and I’ll update you once I’ve put it to the test.

The other feature I quite like is the Do Not Disturb feature which stops all text and notifications as well as calls. You can select people that it will still allow calls from and after I’ve tested this I’ll let you know. It will however interpret repeated calls from a number as an emergency and push them through to the phone. This could be a problem and I’ll be interested to see if this also happens with Blocked calls.

There are a few other features and after I’ve had a chance to test things I’ll let you know.