I often wonder when I post pictures on my blog whether people think it is about posting ‘hot’ pictures. Although I’m sure some of you like the pictures I post the actual reason I choose the pictures I do is often got very little to do with the person and more to do with the whole picture.

Even though the people pictured in my posts may fit certain stereotypes and yes I find them attractive, it really ends there. There are very few of them that I would actually consider as the kind of guys I would be interested in. In fact the thing that generally attracts me to a guy is their personality or how they treat me. What physically attracts me to someone is never perfection but rather the things that many would see as imperfections. I have always been more attracted to guys who have something unique in their look and an element of nerdiness. It’s also the eyes. But in saying that there is no real similarities physically in any of the guys in my past.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to find photo’s of guys like this on the web. Unfortunately post pictures I come across are stereotypes for what is perceived to be the perfect guy or a ‘hot’ guy. Yes they are attractive but it’s purely a visual appeal.

I always come back to the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many will see the stereotypes as the ultimate form of beauty and that’s whom they want to ideally date. For me it’s the complete opposite. I have no doubt that what I find attractive many others will not and visa versa. It’s really something that no one can really understand. You will get this when you think about the couples you see when walking down the street.

So it is pointless to try and work out what someone is attracted to or what someone finds attractive. In the end we are all individuals and see people with different sets of eyes. When you see my posted pictures it really is the whole picture that I like from the beauty of the male form to the pose, artistic qualities and the general feel.