What is it like to have Autism?

Just thought I would share this description about what it is like to have Autism/Aspergers. I found this over at aeiou.org.au

The thing I find most frustrating about explaining this to people is they automatically, because it is a difference see it as a negative. Yet it is proven that people with ASD are often on the high end of the intelligence scale and have so many traits that are exceptional. Like any differences or people who don’t fit into the ‘societal norms’ there is often a lack of understanding or tolerance. For any of you out there who are ASD remember that if someone truly cares or loves you this will not be an issue.


Reality to a person with autism is a confusing mix of events, people, places, sounds and sights. There seem to be no clear boundaries, order or meaning in their lives.
Social interaction and communication are fundamental components of our daily lives and influence our ability to fit in and function in society.
Imagine if you suddenly woke up in a foreign country, did not speak the language and had no way of effectively communicating with the people around you. Furthermore, imagine how it would be if the people around you had a different set of social rules, for example, the way they greet each other and you were unable to understand what they were doing.
How would you feel? How would you react? How would you cope?
To varying degrees, this is how people with autism experience their surroundings on a daily basis. Their initial responses are often to find unique ways of understanding and coping with the situations in which they find themselves. As a result they may behave and act in ways that may appear peculiar or even mischievous. These reactions and actions can isolate the individual from the world even further.
Autism is not a physical disability. People with an autism spectrum disorder look just like everyone else. There are no obvious physical attributes that exist, often creating difficulty to raise awareness and promote an understanding of the condition.