Simple is Best

Something I have been pondering for some time is what does it take to improve elements of our lives. I pondered the materialistic side thinking of what I could have to make things better, I pondered the spiritual, the philosophical and much more. However in the end I realised that what we need to do is simplify.

As modern westerners we often are looking for some elusive fun. Everything in our lives is meant to be ‘fun’. For me I find the most deep fun from little things. For example when I thought about it, my most happy moments are really little things like a joke shared with my partner or around a table. It’s easy to get caught up in this view that fun means some big event, like going out to a concert, theme park or club and they are enjoyable. But when you think about it the most enjoyable or rewarding moments are those small things.

Over the years I think generations are constantly more and more looking for this artificial buzz. But in reality these things are superficial and don’t last. To find true happiness you have to look within and at the things that are moments not events.

In saying this I feel that the more complicated we make our lives accumulating possessions and people the less happy we truly become. I have to wonder how this method of ‘accumulation equals fun and happiness’ is really meant to work because it really seems that this method is a form of distraction or avoidance in looking at ourselves. Keep it simple.

Simple. You often hear people talking about how good it would be to get away from the rat race and live somewhere else and I think if making a living wasn’t the key factor many people would leave the populated areas. So maybe we need to look closely at minimising not maximising to find true happiness. After all, many of life's stresses come from needing to make money but what for, to buy more stuff. If we lived a simpler life where a lot of possessions wasn’t important we would probably not need as much money.

If we didn’t need to accumulate people we would most likely not be juggling as many problems because there is quality rather than quantity so lower maintenance. If we weren’t being dragged in many directions due to the high speed of life we wouldn’t have such high stress.

In the end the key is simplify. Now in saying that it is not always that easy to do. The world can be overwhelming and it would really take a big effort for your family to make these decisions. I guess though it is possible. We often see families picking up and moving away from the cities to small country towns where the quality of life is so much greater. So it is possible. It just takes a family to sit down and make the decision to do it.

I think it is something that all of us, me included need to think about. There is no doubt that simplifying can make a huge difference to your level of happiness, the question though is are you prepared to do it.